Workload breakdown

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Marietta Sim –

• Website critic
• History of NAMS
• Prototype of new main page
• Prototype of new sub page


Pearson Toh –

• History of NAMS
• Prototype of YouTube
• Research on Flashmob


Jasmond Poh –

• PowerPoint Slide
• Web Critic
• Campaign ideas/ sub ideas
• History of NAMS
• Prototype of NAMS Facebook
• Prototype of NAMA Twitter
• Prototype of Facebook campaign
• Prototype of Twitter campaign
• Research Multi Disciplinary Team

Research finding

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This research shows how this particular organization promote their campaign to the public with use of new media tools



This is the web page in which is being use to promote this campaign


“VERB,  It’s what you do”. was a national, multicultural, social marketing campaign coordinated by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Social marketing campaigns apply commercial marketing strategies to influence the voluntary behavior of target audiences to improve personal and social welfare. The campaign ran from 2002-2006.


All youth leading healthy lifestyles.


To increase and maintain physical activity among tweens (youth age 9-13).

Campaign Audiences

The VERB campaign encouraged tweens to be physically active every day. The campaign combined paid advertising, marketing strategies, and partnership efforts to reach the distinct audiences of tweens. Other important audiences were parents and adult influencers, including teachers, youth leaders, physical education and health professionals, pediatricians, health care providers, coaches, and others.


Increase knowledge and improve attitudes and beliefs about tweens’ regular participation in physical activity.

Increase parental and influencer support and encouragement of tweens’ participation in physical activity.

Heighten awareness of options and opportunities for tween participation in physical activity.

Facilitate opportunities for tweens to participate in regular physical activity.

Increase and maintain the number of tweens who regularly participate in physical activity.


Materials for Tweens
VERB Yellowball – 500,000 yellow balls are being distributed widely among school, recreational centers, malls and tween concert and sporting events countrywide. Each yellowball is made with texturized rubber, it was printed with VERB logo, instructions and alphanumeric code. The aim for this is to let tweens to feel that they were part of a movement to “pass on play”.

Materials for Adults
Posters, brochures and handouts were given to parents, teachers and organizations for tips on how they can help tweens to participate in physical activities.



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The National Addictions Management Service (NAMS) was incorporated in Aug 2008. Located at the Institute of Mental Health (IMH), NAMS includes the Specialist Outpatient Clinic C (SOC C) as its outpatient arm, and the inpatient Serenity Centre, which provides residential detoxification and rehabilitation.


– In 2002, the Institute of Mental Health (IMH) launched the Community Addictions Management Programme (CAMP)

-5 year programme which aimed to provide comprehensive services for addiction problems.

– National Addictions Management Service was set up in 2008 with the intention to meet the growing demand of individuals requiring treatment, especially for problem gambling.

NAMS treats problem gambling and other behavioural addictions (internet, gaming, etc), and substance addictions (alcohol and drugs). Services include:


• Assessment and treatment of addictive disorders by a multi-    disciplinary team of psychiatrists, counsellors, psychologists,   and social workers

• Individual, group and family therapy

• Public education talks

• Training for health care and social service professionals

• Community liaison to develop services and programmes

• Addictions Research



New Media Landscape

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On the 11 of January, 2 guest speaker, Tan Kian Ann and Lionel Chin formal student of tp, came to our school and gave a fruitful talk about New media Landscape.

First speaker, Tan Kian Ann, 28 years old is working as a blog marketer based in Singapore. He works with individuals and small businesses to reach out to the world with the use of blogs. He is also the founder of “”. He talks to us about how can one blog being used for marketing. For example, using Word press as the platform with wonderful plug-ins. He mention about Search Marketing and Interruption Marketing his talk. Which means advertisement that popped up while we are on some web pages and when we clicked on it, we will be directed some unknown page. It is a hindrance to those who are working on their assignment. And lastly, (Search Engine Optimization) SEO, a skill that is important to all blog marketer


Second Speaker, Lionel chin, co-founder of Ripplewerkz. Ripplewerkz, is a web design company that offers high quality Web, Blog, Print and Corporate ID development. His job is to work with clients and companies edit their own webpage. One of the blog that he has helped in editing is none other than the famous blogger’s blog, Xiaxue.

In overall, this talk did make me reflect on the on different aspect when we are out in the working society. It make me prepare to face whatever harsh situation that got to come in future.



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Asian Civilisation Museum (ACM)


Address: 1 Empress Place Singapore 179555. Tel: 65-6332 2982, 65-6332 7798

About ACM

The Asian Civilisations Museum (ACM) is the first museum in the region to present a broad yet integrated perspective of pan-Asian cultures and civilizations. As one of the National Museums of Singapore under the National Heritage Board, we seek to promote a better appreciation of the rich cultures that make up Singapore’s multi-ethnic society.

2 favorite exhibits of mine

The photo of the exhibit that is above is about Islamic Culture

The photo on the left is about Introducing Islamic calligraphy. It may seem easy but when it comes to writing it out, it is a tedious job. This exhibit that is available at Asian Civilization Museum teaches the user how to write it out correctly and knowing what is the meaning behind it. As for the photo on the right, “Build a Mosque” exhibit, it taught us how and why a mosque is build. They have different type of mosque layout being place there with explanation of why is it build in this way.

When I was at the exhibit, I feel like as if I am in a mosque because of the decoration with the Islamic calligraphy hanging on the wall and the also the way the lighting is being set and the layout of the exhibit. Overall, I guess the designer or artist has succeeded in communicating the desired mood or message to the visitors who visit the exhibition.


Congo Exhibit

The mighty Congo River links diverse cultures whose rich artistic traditions are explored in this exhibition, the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. Encounter beautifully crafted sculptures, masks, ancestor figures and other objects which have long impressed collectors and artists like Pablo Picasso.

The picture shown above is about an interactive platform, at the new Congo exhibition in (ACM). It is a normal table with sensor, camera and projector underneath. User just has to move the mask that is being placed on the table around and different speech bubbles will appear. User can even try putting two masks side by side and they will start a conversation.

2 new media tools/ technologies

A panel that speaks

The picture shown above is an interactive panel that is being located at each and every different exhibit. It has different person at different location inside the panel, telling you the introduction when the user touches the screen. This allows the visitors understand more of the exhibits before viewing the entire exhibit.


Islamic Calligraphy

This photo above is an interactivity platform that can be found in Asian Civilization Museum, Islamic exhibit. It operates with sensor. User can learn how to write out the Islamic calligraphy correctly by using the electronic pen that is provided and write on the screen. Help is shown every now and then to teach the user how to write.



Providing more information/details in Asian Civilisation webpage. For example, adding more details on different exhibit that is available in ACM in which enable the visitor to know more about what he or she will expect in that particular exhibit.

The Future of Event Planning and Social Media


From the largest music festival with 100,000 attendees to an intimate wedding with 100 guests, event planners are finding new ways to organize, plan, and promote their events with the help of social such as social networking website, micro blogging, etc.
The reason why I chose this identified area of discussion (new media trend or theorist) is because i want to bring to everyone how ways of how event planning has develop over the years. There was no help of social media in the past, the only way they could advertise is through poster, TV commercial. But today, social media is available hence making event planning easier and possible for event planner with large guest list.

“Although helpful, there is so much more available to planners than just Facebook Events. This becomes quite clear as more planners really understand the value of social media and realize that they are only bound by their imaginations when it comes to using it.” (


3 key findings:

-More event planners really understand how much does social media worth. They realize how it helps them by conveying message to those people they are targeting on, maybe through social networking web like Facebook as they have application like Facebook event .

“Facebook are built for spreading a message. On Facebook, be sure to set up a Facebook Page – they are better than groups because you can appear in News Feeds every time you update the Page’s status. Creating a Facebook Event is also key, as well as having guests and members updates their own status with links”


– How micro blogging helps in advertising and promotes the upcoming events? Micro blogging like twitter is a great help to event planners when it comes to advertising, promoting and listing down details, making things easier for those people who is interested in going to the event, Or maybe, it serve as a directory where people communicate with each other.

“I use Twitter to connect with friends in the industry. If I’m planning a destination wedding in California, I can reach out and find out who the best photographers are in the area.”


– Does blogging really helps in promoting? It does help in promoting the event if it is being elaborated more with pictures and description and promotion is key to any successful gathering. Without it, you might no be able to attract the interesting people and right audience that you’re looking to bring in.

“It’s not just about the event — it can be about the event planner as well. Event planning is a business and you have to show people why you’re the right one to plan their party. Keeping an updated website with photos and videos of your work is a good start, and so is keeping a blog.”


Research on Statistics of social networking site, Facebook

People on facebook
• More than 500 million active users
• 50% of our active users log on to Facebook in any given day
• Average user has 130 friends
• People spend over 700 billion minutes per month on Facebook

Activity on facebook

• There are over 900 million objects that people interact with (pages, groups, events and community pages)
• Average user is connected to 80 community pages, groups and events
• Average user creates 90 pieces of content each month
• More than 30 billion pieces of content (web links, news stories, blog posts, notes, photo albums, etc.) shared each month


Advantages of using social media
-Speed of spreading is fast
-Update/ make changes anytime via web so guest will be aware.

Disadvantages of using social media
-Targeted age group is limited.
-People create fake event.


To sum it all up, using social media like social networking site, Facebook, micro-blogging, Twitter to plan/organize events, is definitely way better as compared to last time, be it ways of planning or maybe advertising. It saves time and making things easy for the planners. It is a great help I would say.

Extra reference:

New media

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1- Social networking
2- Micro-blogging
3- Imagehosting
4- Back channel
5- Buzz marketing
6- Blogroll
7- E-learning
8- Skype
9- Tumblr
10- Open source
11- Podcast
12- Seeding
13- RSS
14- Social media
15- Threads
16- Tagged
17- Gmail
18- Crowdsourcing
19- Newsreader
20- Moblog
21- Micro-casting
22- Linkbait
23- Feed
24- Atom
25- Anchor text
26- Ajax
27- Aggregator
28- Affiliate Marketing
29- Mash-up
30- Search engine marketing
31- Friendster
32- Viral marketing
33- Social marketing
34- File transfer protocol
35- Standards conversion
36- Unicast
37- Web browser
38- Windows Media
39- Server
40- Secam
41- TIFF
42- User Generated content
43- Track-back
44- Web 2.0
45- Link blitz
46- Astro turfing
47- Folksonomy
48- OPML
49- Social bookmarking
50- Social computing